Route Planning
Route Planning
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IIT's eRouteLogistics® - is a web-based route planning software application with a very dynamic and efficient core routing algorithm engine created specifically to achieve the goal of route optimization, scheduling, and tracking of vehicle operations.

The software application is based on a core framework and allows for easy customization and integration with other systems if required. eRouteLogistics® provides a Map based Graphical User Interface to easily schedule, dispatch, and track the routes. It comes with import tools to easily bring in the customer data and their service orders from external databases.

eRouteLogistics®┬ámodules come with a series of reports you can generate including Route Summary, Route Details, Route Manifest, Route Maps (with turn-by-turn directions), etc.

Key Features:
  1. Browser Based Access
  2. Navigation Tree to Organize Data
  3. Map Centric User Interface
  4. Parameters and Constraints Setup Tools
  5. User Account Management
  6. Data Import
  7. Route Planning
  8. Route Optimization
  9. Cost Optimization
  10. Organize and View Route Optimization Results
  11. Weekly Balancing Tools
  12. Scenario Manager
  13. Instantaneous Map-Table Link to Display Weekly Statistics
  14. Routing Map Display
  15. Turn-by-turn Directions
  16. Route Dispatch Integration
  17. Reports for auditing purpose
  18. Tailored Software Suite for different industry
Rout Planning
Route Planning