Sales Force Scheduling
Sales Force Scheduling
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Sales Force SchedulingSales Force Scheduling
End-to-End Solution:
  1. Sales Rep Scheduling
  2. Real-Time Tracking
  3. Dynamic Routing
  4. On-Board Computer

Key Benefits:
  1. Immediate savings of 10-20%: Reduce miles traveled = lower fuel cost
  2. Optimize sales rep routes for any visitation cycle up to 91 days
  3. Optimize division of Sales Territories with integrated Territory Planner tools
  4. Adjust travel times to reflect local street conditions
  5. Generate daily schedules or Store Visit Plan
  6. Adjust travel times to reflect local street conditions

IIT’s eRouteLogistics® - Sales Force Optimizer features a state of the art, award-winning periodic route optimization algorithm that delivers improved efficiency of multi-frequency sales visit planning and scheduling for up to a 91 day cycle. It is designed specifically to cut down sales force travel time and optimize their schedules/visits with the customer. The solution reduces operation costs while increasing sales opportunities.

Industry Challenges:
  1. Sales-Reps spending too much time driving instead of with potential customers
  2. Overlapping territories
  3. Efficiently plan visitations with multiple frequencies that span across weeks and months
  4. Planning for multiple territorial sales-reps  with varying Route Start/End locations and Time Windows

Key Features:
  1. Variable cycle (multi-day per week, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) of up to 91 days. Only known periodic routing solution in the market.
  2. Variable stop visitation frequency ; Variable duration of visit allocation
  3. Variable sales rep / merchandiser home addresses (allows for multiple locations for route starts)
  4. User specified spacing of visits; Balanced route times
  5. Time-windowed stops
  6. Territory planning of sales reps based on optimal travel distance or balancing number of stops per territory
  7. Fully web based – designed with the future in mind – install at one location, instant deployment nationwide
  8. Fully scalable from single user to Enterprise Environment nationwide deployment
  9. Map centric user interface – easy to visualize your customer locations, territories, and routes
  10. Easy to use customer address locating tools with our built-in Geocoding engine
  11. Open standards API – easy integration with your CRM and Accounting systems
  12. Proven nationwide route optimization provider to Fortune 500 clients