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Retail Pick-up & Delivery
Retail Pick-up & Delivery
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Retail Pick-up & DeliveryRetail Pick-up & Delivery
  1. ATM servicing
  2. Bottled water and beverage delivery
  3. Floral delivery
  4. Grease pickup
  5. Ice delivery
  6. Linen pickup and delivery
  7. Mail/package pickup/delivery
  8. Oil and gas delivery
  9. One-hour photofinishing delivery
  10. Pest control and lawn care routing
  11. Retail delivery
Key Benefits:
  1. Immediate savings of 10-30%: Reduce miles traveled = lower fuel cost
  2. Plan, optimize and track routes
  3. No hardware installation required to achieve 10-30% operational cost savings through routing efficiencies
  4. Multiple service options available- full licensing purchase, hosted/Saas model, or Professional Services
  5. End to End solution available- Route Optimization, GPS Tracking/AVL, Scheduling/Dispatching

IIT's eRouteLogistics® - Retail is a routing and scheduling software that is able to handle very complex route optimization challenges with a myriad of business rules such as the combination of the types of service orders, vehicle capacity (weight, volume, and pieces), route capacity (weight, volume, and pieces), different active cycle days of operations, multiple service frequencies, customer time windows, geographic preferences of drivers, service durations, insertion of new orders, manual reassignment of service orders, and many more considerations. It is designed specifically to cut down mileage, driver hours and eventually routes & vehicles.

Industry Challenges:
  1. Time-windowed stops
  2. Complex business rules
  3. Multiple service frequencies
  4.  Large # of service stops are on-demand
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Key Features:
  1. Variable cycle length (Periodic VRP)
  2. Variable stop visitation frequency
  3. Vehicle limits based on weight, volume, item count and stops
  4. Route limits based on weight, volume, item count and stops
  5. Variable stop service times
  6. Balanced time or volume across route every day
  7. Balanced route and volume across entire cycle
  8. Variable route departure time by vehicle
  9. Keep drivers in some geographic area
  10. Easily definable route boundaries
  11. Time-windowed stops
  12. Driver breaks
  13. Both pickup and delivery in some route
  14. Multi return trips to depot
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